C & C++ for Professionals Training & Certification Course

C is a function driven language because C is a procedural programming language. C++ is an object driven language because it is an object oriented programming. Function and operator overloading is not supported in C. Function and operator overloading is supported by C++.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • To learn the fundamental programming concepts and methodologies which are essential to building good C/C++ programs?

  • To practice the fundamental programming methodologies in the C/C++ programming language via laboratory experiences. Microsoft Visual Studio is the programming environment that will be used.

  • To code, document, test, and implement a well-structured, robust computer program using the C/C++ programming language.

  • To write reusable modules (collections of functions).

Target Audience:

  • Students who want to get selected in Top-Tier IT Companies like TCS, Infosys, Microsoft, Samsung, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Wipro and all leading MNC’s of the world.

  • Students who wish to compete, crack and win Coding Competitions and Hackathon by improving their logic and programming skills

  • Students who want to learn different Problem-Solving Approach.

  • M.Tech/B.Tech/MCA/BCA/Any Graduate or Diploma Holder

Test & Evaluation

  • During the program, the participants will have to take all assignments given to them for better learning.

  • At the end of the program, a final assessment will be conducted


  • All successful participants will be provided with a certificate of completion.

  • Students who do not complete the course / leave it midway will not be awarded any certificate.

Delivery Mode & Duration :

Classroom Training- 150 Hours (70 Hours classroom sessions + 80 Hours of assignment)

Online Live Mode-120 Hours (60 Hours Online Live sessions + 60 Hours of assignment)